ArthroSave supports this year’s winners of ASC 2020

As winner of the Academic Startup Competition in 2019 we share our knowledge and experience to the winners of 2020 to help them building and structuring their start-up. As alumni we do support this competition being an ambassador .

Click here for: Tips and tricks on pitching in a Digital Mission.

ArthroSave is present on the EFORT2021

ArthroSave will be present on the annual EFORT Congress which will take place this year from 30 June to 2 July.

You can meet us at the exhibition floor. We look forward to meeting you there.

Clinical study Knee Joint Distraction will start in the UK in 2021

In the UK a clinical study for patients with severe knee osteoarthritis will start. In this study the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Knee Joint Distraction will be compared to Knee Arthoplasty.

The study will start in 2021 in twenty hospitals and will be coordinated by the University of Leeds. The study has been funded by the NHS and will lead to reimbursement when the results are positive.

Article in German magazine Arthroskopie

The German magazine Arthroskopie has published an informative article about knee joint distraction with the title ‘Knee joint distraction in the treatment of severe osteoarthritis’. References to the scientific background are included. 

The article is written by  R. J. van Heerwaarden MD, PhD from the Centre for Deformity Corrrection and Joint Preserving Surgery, Kliniek ViaSana and by W. Verra MD from Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Digital fundraising for ReumaNL

ReumaNL decided to cancel the door-to-door ‘collecteweek’ due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore it is now possible to make your own digital ‘collectebus’ . Hopefully ReumaNL will receive a lot of donations this way!

It is also possible to share the donation-call via Facebook, you and your friends can donate via a ‘Tikkie’.



ArthroSave present at annual NOV congress 30-31 January 2020

Next week ArthroSave will be present at the NOV congress in ‘s-Hertogenbosch – The Netherlands. We hope to meet you at our booth, to discuss the advantages of knee joint distraction treatment with the KneeReviver.

ArthroSave’s CEO about the KneeReviver in Financieel Dagblad

Every week in section “De Vonk” of the “Financieel Dagblad” somebody tells about a decisive moment in their career. This week ArthroSave’s CEO Karianne Lindenhovius. About the development of the KneeReviver and how this can postpone a knee replacement for some years. Read the article.


ArthroSave’s KneeReviver highlighted in ‘de Barometer’ on RTLZ

‘De Barometer’ is a TV show hosted on national Dutch television by RTLZ, and they bring an item about Pontes Medical and ArthroSave. Pontes Medical is a valorization initiative, applied for over 10 years now in the UMC Utrecht and Amsterdam UMC, and ArthroSave arose from this approach. During this show, new innovation methods for medical devices are discussed, of which the KneeReviver is one success story.

The show is broadcasted on Sunday 29th of December at 17.30hr. Reps are scheduled on Tuesday 31st of December at 07.30hr, Wednesday 1st of January at 16.30hr and Friday 3th of January at 10.30hr.

ArthroSave’s (female) CEO nominated for VIVA400 award

We are proud to share that Karianne is nominated for the VIVA400 award in the category ‘Zorgdragers’. The VIVA400 list is composed of women who excel in their workfield and forms a platform and network for ambitious and entrepreneurial women. They are a great inspiration for others through what they do, through the successes they have achieved and through what they want to achieve (even more). Nominated women are successful women who matter and make the difference. The awards are presented on December 12th.

Learn how to use the KneeReviver at the Utrecht Joint Preserving Course 1-2 November 2019

The first weekend of November dr. Roel Custers and dr. Nienke van Egmond organise the first Utrecht Joint Preserving Course. On Friday presentations are given about knee joint distraction treatment and on Saturday we provide a hands-on kadaveric course how to use the KneeReviver for knee joint distraction treatment.

ArthroSave present at the CESunveiled Amsterdam 2019

We are proud that we, a spin-off of the UMC Utrecht and Pontes Medical, can translate our academic knowledge into better medical care and strengthening the economy.

ArthroSave shows the KneeReviver at Rond Reuma Live 2019

At the 12th of October we performed a showcase at the Rond Reuma Live patients convention. We showed our KneeReviver device and told patients all they need to know about knee joint distraction treatment.

ArthroSave with US Holland in the Valley 2019

Last September, our CEO and CSO went to an Incubator programme in Sillicon Valley following the win of the Academic Startup Competition. They were hosted by Gigi Wang and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, Walter van der Weiden, and made great connections in the field of regulatory, reimbursement, marketing, entrepreneurship and investment. In the second week they were hosted by @FocusInnovationStudioSF and have had indepth meetings with clinicians, hospitals and FDA experts.

ArthroSave wins Academic Start-up Competition

The Academic Startup Competition is an initiative of VSNU, the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and StartupDelta. The competition put knowledge transfer and academic spin-offs in the international spotlight.

As a result of the selection, ArthroSave will be able to pitch at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) and will be offered a trip to Silicon Valley by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change. The GES will give ArthroSave the opportunity to learn how to scale up their innovation faster and take the step from startup to scale-up.

KneeReviver at Annatommie mc Amsterdam-Amstelveen

On the 11th of February an article (Dutch) was published on the website of  Annatommie mc in which Dr van Rhee explains the treatment.

Knee joint distraction in national paper Volkskrant

On the 1rst of February an article (Dutch) was published in the national paper Volkskrant in which Prof Lafeber and Dr Custers explains knee joint distraction.

KneeReviver in national paper

On the 23rd of November an article (Dutch) was published in the national Dutch paper AD in which Dr Spruijt explains knee distraction and the advantages of this technique. Importantly, this technique is now also available in the Haga Hospital (photo by © NICO SCHOUTEN) in which Dr Spruijt works.

Joint distraction in national regional news

On the 15th of October an article (Dutch) was published in the national regional news website of RTVNoord. The Martini Ziekenhuis in Groningen is the first hospital in the region North Holland to offer knee joint distraction.

Joint distraction in UMC news

On the 1st of October an article (Dutch) was published on the UMC Utrecht webpage. UMC Utrecht has treated the first patients in regular care which is another milestone of this treatment.

First patient-meeting with knee joint distraction as theme

On the 26th of September a succesful patient-meeting was held at the UMC Utrecht specifically focussing on knee joint distraction. The program, organised by the Rheumatology and Orthopedic departments of the UMC Utrecht, consisted of an update of the current scientific status of the treatment and a discussion to receive patient input on  new research. Moreover, it was discussed whether it would be useful to set-up a patient organisation/network specifically for patients treated or interested in joint distraction. Dr Custers, Prof Lafeber, Dr Jansen and Dr Mastbergen presented the latest results and future work on knee joint distraction. Dr Oosterwijk presented on the possibilities for patient organisation The evening was characterised by a lively discussion between the presenters and the patients and resulted in valuable input for future  presenters. Over 50 patients attended the evening.

First patient treated with the KneeReviver at Annatommie mc

On the 18th of September, for the first time the knee Reviver was used to treat a OA patient with knee joint distraction at Annatommie mc. This is a new milestone and indicates a growing amount of hospitals using this system in the Netherlands.

Joint distraction presented at the 5th Joint Preservation congres at Warsaw

On 6-8 September the 5th Joint Preservation congres was held at Warsaw Poland. Prof Lafeber and Dr Mastbergen were invited to present in a dedicated session entitled “Joint distraction as joint preserving treatment”.

Joint distraction highlighted in newspaper article

To promote innovation prince Constantijn, who is an ambassador of innovative companies in the Netherlands, visited de ‘StartupDelta Summit’ on Industriepark Kleefse Waard. Also joint distraction and the knee reviver was presented by our CEO Karianne Lindenhovius.

Joint distraction highlighted in UMC Utrecht UREKA Mega Challenge

To promote the UMC Utrecht UREKA Mega Challenge, a innovation gameshow, the knee reviver was chosen as lead on the posters around the UMC. The engineer and orthopaedic surgeon, both valuable academic team-members are holding the Knee reviver.

Joint distraction highlighted EULAR 70th Anniversary

To mark its 70th Anniversary, EULAR has documented its history and contribution to rheumatology in an anniversary timeline presented at large billboards during the annual meeting of EULAR 2017 at Madrid, Spain. Joint distraction was included as novel surgery in this timeline.

90 jaar Reumafonds documentary

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Custers explains the joint distraction treatment in the short documentary of innovations of importance to the patient made by the Dutch Arthritis Foundation as part of their 90th anniversary. The distraction specific part begins around 8.00 minutes.

(documentary is in Dutch)

Arthosave participaties in large STW project

A large grant is awarded by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW to the project entitled “William Hunter Revisited: Activating intrinsic cartilage repair to restore joint homeostasis” in which ArthoSave participates to study the mechanisms behind intrinsic cartilage repair as seen with joint distraction. ArthroSave, together with the UMC Utrecht and University Utrecht, will specifically focus on early changes in joint tissues as induced by joint distraction.

Presentation ‘let’s frame it’ Floris Lafeber

On 11 Novemebr 2016 Professor Lafeber gave a TED-like presentation, being 1 of the 25 invited speakers, on the special conference “Verder in Beweging” to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen. This clinic is one of the early adaptors of the joint distraction treatment in the trials performed in collaboration with the UMC Utrecht.

(presentation is in Dutch)

Joint distraction on national television

On 13 October 2015 the popular program “Tijd voor Max” on National Public Television aired an item dedicated to joint distraction as treatment for osteoarthritis patients. The General Practitioner Dr Ted explains osteoarthritis and why joint distraction can be a good solution for the young patient.

(video is in Dutch)

Joint distraction explained by Floris Lafeber

Prof. Dr. Lafeber explains the principles of joint distraction in more detail in this video of the UMC Utrecht.