What to expect from treatment with the KneeReviver

If you have osteoarthritis of the knee?

  • You have painful knee osteoarthritis.
  • You are under 65 years
    of age.
  • Conservative treatment is not efficient anymore.
  • Do you have an indication for knee replacement?
  • Do you wish for joint preserving treatment?
  • Do you meet the criteria
    for the treatment?

» Knee joint distraction is an option for you


Knee joint distraction:

  • external frame at both sides of the knee
  • knee joint surfaces are put on a short distance
  • temporary unloading treatment
  • may result in regeneration of joint tissues

During this temporary (~6 weeks) treatment:

  • you are allowed to bear weight however cannot bend your knee.
  • you should be able to take care of the frame.
  • the skin around the pins can get infected (pin-tract infection). If so, ask your doctor for advice.
  • After removal of the KneeReviver you can immediately start with your rehabilitation.
  • In a couple of months the pain is reduced and your knee is functional again.
  • Joint preserving treatment
  • Delay of knee replacement.

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Introducing knee joint distraction treatment with the KneeReviver

  • End-stage osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Age <65 years
  • Joint preserving surgical treatment
  • Postponing knee replacement
  • Return to an active lifestyle

Why choose for knee joint distraction?

Advantages of treatment with the KneeReviver:

  • Patients receiving a knee prosthesis under the age of 65 years have an increased risk of failure of this prosthesis. Patients at this age are in general still very active and this is related to accelerated wear of the prosthesis.
  • A first prosthesis can be replaced (revised), however the clinical outcome (pain, function) is generally less good as after the primary placed prosthesis.
  • A knee prosthesis does not feel naturally and it is sometimes hard to return to the degree of physical activities.
  • Knee joint distraction is not at the expense of your own knee. So natural coordination and use of the knee will be like before and all other treatment options are still possible, if needed when complaints may return.

Knee joint distraction is a joint preserving

surgical treatment with use of the KneeReviver.

Treatment information

Currently, knee joint distraction with use of the KneeReviver is performed in selected hospitals in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.


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The decision to perform knee joint distraction is taken in consultation with your orthopedic surgeon. Information given on this website is only advisatory and based on the regular patient. If your personal situation is abberant, your orthopedic surgeon may decide to personalize the treatment.