About us

About us


Development of joint preserving surgical procedures is of paramount importance for ArthroSave. Our company is the continuation from years of academic research, in which we worked hard to solve the mobility issues for younger patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Years of experience with knee joint distraction in scientific coordinated trials resulted in a potent additional form of joint preserving treatment. Furthermore, in an academic setting, ArthroSave developed the KneeReviver distractor to further refine knee joint distraction treatment.

Since 2018 we have a business office located in Culemborg. After a successful launch of the KneeReviver in selected hospitals in the Netherlands we also export the KneeReviver to Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany.

The team consists of:

Karianne Lindenhovius – CEO

Ir. Karianne Lindenhovius graduated at the University of Technology in Delft at Industrial Design Engineering. She worked for Philips in new business development, switched to WeLL Design where she started her introduction in the field of medical technology, moved to UMC Utrecht where she founded in 2008 a medtech innovation initiative called Pontes Medical. She was elected the prestigious award Engineer of the Year (currently the Prince Friso Award) in 2014. In 2016 she co-founded ArthroSave.

Karianne is responsible for strategy, attracting investors, creating partnerships, team building and financial management.

Dr. Peter van Roermund – Medical Officer

Dr. Peter van Roermund graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD in 1994 at the UMC Utrecht on ‘Tibial lengthening by distraction epiphysiolysis’. He has 30 years experience as orthopaedic knee surgeon, won several (inter)national prices and awards and is author of many scientific publications. From 2001-2003 Peter was chairman of the Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging. From 2003-2007 Peter was chairman of the Bone and Joint Dacade Netherlands. For patients with severe osteoarthritis he invented joint distraction. In 2002 he treated successfully the first patient with knee joint distraction, followed by different clinical trials. In 2016 he co-founded ArthroSave.

Peter is responsible for medical research, creating clinical partnerships and the development of the surgical procedure.

Jan Carel Teding van Berkhout – Business Developer

Jan Carel Teding van Berkhout started his career at Siemens Netherlands after his study Business Economics. He started in sales and choose to stay in the commercial field ever since. The excitement of sales is to play with the combination of technical, economical and social elements to achieve an optimal result at the beginning of the chain! He worked for large telco’s, TV service providers and start-ups in the medical field. His scope is international, became sales manager of the year at KPN and won many important large bids.

Jan Carel’s focus within ArthroSave is on international business development

Pascal Blikman – Product Specialist

Ing. Pascal Blikman started his career as a scrub nurse and later graduated at Saxion University in Enschede at Industrial Design Engineering (BSc). He has worked in the medical devices industry in different roles for many years, both in the Netherlands and internationally. His medical background, together with his knowledge of engineering, always proved to be a valuable combination. He likes transferring knowledge, enthuse people and assuring that procedures run smoothly. Working in a devoted and committed team, where everyone strongly believes in the added value of the KneeReviver in knee joint distraction treatment, is something he values the most.

Pascal is responsible for the introduction of the KneeReviver in the field.

José Lugies – Product Specialist

José Lugies started in 2020 as a consultant in KneeReviver training and surgical support. She is a registered nurse in combination with a clinical research background in distinctive knee joint saving innovations of the last 15 years.

José is responsible for the introduction of the KneeReviver in the field.

Ernst Elhorst – Strategy & Corporate relations

Being responsible for Strategy & Corporate Relations, Ernst’s passion for Healthcare / Life Sciences Innovation (with emphasis on Medtech and Diagnostics) will contribute to ArthroSave’s continued expansion.

Ernst is responsible for Strategy & Corporate Relations for future expansion.

Lars Ottevanger – CFO a.i.

Lars has a background as medical biologist, combined with a MSc Science Based Business. He started his career as business development manager in the MedTech industry after which he became founder and director of a MedTech start-up focusing on improving oncologic surgery. In his role he was responsible for operations and financing of the company. Lars has experience as CFO for multiple companies and supports start- and scale-ups with financial management and fundraising to reach their full business potential.

Lars is responsible for financial management and reporting.


Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

We seek a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) with a track-record in international commercialisation of novel medical devices and/or treatments in the orthopedic industry. You seek to improve the lives of many people with knee problems, especially those in the prime of their lives.

We are in the early commercialisation stage, with a vision to become a main player in a multi-billion market with a high impact on patient care.

It is key to understand the dynamics of healthcare insurers in assessing new orthopedic medical devices for reimbursement and to have an international network of orthopedic surgeons. The CCO will be responsible for the company’s market access and commercialisation strategy and roll-out.

The CCO will be member of the management team, next to the CEO and CMO.

Scientific & Clinical Affairs manager

We are seeking a Scientific & Clinical Affairs manager with a strong clinical and scientific background and network in orthopedics. You will use your clinical and scientific knowledge to deliver a significant societal contribution in providing a joint saving treatment for people with a painful end-stage osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

You will be responsible for the shaping and realisation of our clinical research program to obtain reimbursement, regulatory approval and market acceptance of the KneeReviver. You play a key role within the ArthroSave team and work closely together with the Medical Officer. You will act in line with the company strategy supporting implementation of the KneeReviver in international patient healthcare within the businessplan timelines.

ArthroSave is looking for an intern

What will you work on?

The intern will work and deliver on the following topics:

Quantify the unmet medical need for joint distraction treatments

  • Epidemiology
  • Diagnosis and current treatment standards
  • Health economics research

Analyse the market

  • Market trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Main players and M&A landscape

Combine and validate findings

  • Analyse and report the business opportunity
  • Validation of the proposition among Healthcare Providers


  • First knee joint distraction treatment in medical research group.
  • Winner Ureka Mega Challenge.
  • Start development KneeReviver in valorisation process UMC Utrecht.
  • First prototype in research setting on patient.
  • KneeReviver has potential. Start ArthroSave as spin-off company UMC Utrecht.
  • First KneeReviver treatment in NL.
  • First KneeReviver treatments outside NL, in Europe.
  • ArthroSave winner of Academic Startup Competition, present at GES2019, participant in Incubator program in Silicon Valley USA.