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Are you a patient with painful knee osteoarthritis below the age of 65 years? Return to your active life after a six weeks treatment with the KneeReviver.


The KneeReviver unloads the damaged knee joint by putting the knee joint surfaces on a short distance. With this temporary unloading treatment the knee joint tissues regenerate.

For whom

Patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, not responding to conservative therapy, probably already indicated for a knee replacement, under the age of 65 years old.


This unloading treatment is studied in medical research groups for > 10 years, resulting in knee joint preservation, decrease of pain, increase of function, and postponing a knee replacement.

Postponing the need for total knee replacement,

avoiding complex revision surgery

The KneeReviver

  • Consists of 2 tubes placed on both sides of the knee
  • Is fixated to the bone by eight bone pins
  • Unloads the knee joint by creating space between the joint surfaces
  • It is allowed to bear weight during treatment, however it is not possible to bend the knee

The Knee Reviver is developed by ArthroSave, in collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons, researchers and patients. It is the only device with intended use for knee joint distraction.

Knee joint distraction is a joint preserving

surgical treatment with use of the KneeReviver


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